Alive – an urban Sisterhood retreat

Embrace the lightness of being and the fulness of your radiant heart

This will be a transformative weekend! As a woman you have the power to birth new life, which is an amazing creative power within each of us. How can we become more aware of this innate creative power and feel more alive, radiant and connected?

As women we have been shamed and blamed for centuries, we were told that we are the weaker ones or that we are just too much. There’s a lot of confusion in a women’s mind, body and heart. But now is the time to break the chain of the past and become the most lively, beautiful, vital, creative, empowered and free version of ourselves. So we can live and create from our full potential

In this weekend you will nourish your body, heart and soul through movement, vocal expression, singing,  meditation, visualization and delicious food:

Movement – Bowspring workshops

 You will learn how you can feel more alive, radiant, focused and connected by bringing the natural curves back in our bodies through a new postural alignement called the Bowspring method.  You will become aware that the way you move, sit and do most things are unconscious habits that will keep you in a contracted state of being. You will experience how these unconscious movement patterns often will make you feel small, heavy and disconnected.

In this weekend you will learn a new way of moving. The Bowspring pose is open, dynamic and mindful. Because of  the opening effect of the bowspring poses you will feel more sensations and feelings in the body. Many times we do not want to feel our emotions and trauma’s. So these emotions and trauma’s are stored in the fascia and subconscious mind.  The Bowspring practice gives a new direction to the fascia therefor toxins and trauma’s are released from te fascia (over time).

Once you will feel more opening in your body it also might change the way how you feel about your body in a positive way. For me personally, I love being in my body since I’ve started practicing the Bowspring method. I feel more fluid, light and sensual. How can we learn again to perceive our bodies as innocent? And feel comfortable feeling sensual? These are theme’s we will adress during the weekend.

The bowspring classes and bodywork is a mindful practice for all levels.

Singing, vocal expression workshops

Sing Yourself Alive Workshop
Understand how the voice best works using your breath.
Allow singing to purify your heart and breakthrough energy blockages held in the body.
Use the sisterhood SUPER POWER to replace fear with JOY. Let’s help each other to RISE.

Sound & Silence Workshop (Mantra & Meditation)
Use Mantra as a tool to go deeper into stillness and Meditation to lift you higher into heart warming ecstatic mantra singing.
Learn Mantras from various ancient traditions.
Experience the more you give of yourself to a mantra the deeper it can take you into your true self.
Mantra and Meditation practice has the unique possibility to quiet the mind while simultaneously stimulating the soul.

delicious food

More details about this part of the program will follow a.s.a.p.


Friday, September 7th
19.30h – 21.00h – Opening, meditation and visualisation.

Saterday, September 8th

10.00h – 12.00h – Bowspring;  Embracing the natural curves of the Body, moving from a closed posture to an open posture.

12.00h – 14.00h – Delicious and healthy Lunch.

14.00h – 16.00h – Sing Yourself Alive Workshop

16.30u – 17.30u – Women’s circle: meditation, breath work, share, empower, create.

18.00h – 19.00h – Delicious and healthy Diner

19.30h – 21.00h – Kirtan by Spring Groove

Sunday, September 8th

10.00h – 12.00h –  Bowspring – Living and moving from the fulness of the heart and the lightness of being. In this Bowspring workshop we will explore how you can be mindful, embodied , active, sensual and connected while moving.

12.00h – 14.00h – Delicious and healthy Lunch.

14.00h – 16.00h – Sound & Silence Workshop (Mantra & Meditation)

16.30u – 17.30u – Women’s circle: meditation, breath work, share, empower, create.

18.00h – 19.00h – Delicious and healthy Diner


The urban sisterhood retreat will be held in our Studio in ‘s-Hertogenbosch.
Hinthamereinde 17, 5211 PL ‘s- Hertogenbosch.

About us:

Spring Groove – singer, voice worker, mantra and kirtan.
Petra Kool – Bowspring teacher, body worker, breathe and meditation.
Laura Pijnenborgh – Bowspring teacher, body worker, breathe and meditation.
Kiki Kusters – Holistic nutritionist, Chef, catering.


Full weekend: 250,- euro
Saterday : 150, euro (all included)
Sunday :  120 euro (all included)

Single Workshops:
Meditation & visualization:  15 euro
Bowspring :  45 euro, 2x 70 euro
Vocal expression: 45 euro, 2x 70 euro
Kirtan: 25 euro
Women’s circle – not available as a single option.


In this weekend we will move our bodies in a way that helps you to live your full potential and shine your light bright!
We will free our voices by singing & breathing.
We will connect to our essence trough meditation and visualization.
And last but not least we will nourish our bodies & souls with delicious foods!

we are looking forward meeting you!
registration & questions ,PLEASE FILL IN CONTACT FORM BELOW.






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