The Bowspring Flow met Jonathan Boyd

Doe mee met een fantastisch Bowspring workshop weekend! Jonathan Boyd (een van onze favoriete Bowspring teachers) uit Canada geeft dit weekend 5 workshops die je allemaal kunt volgen, maar ook los per thema.
Dit is een geweldige kans om kennis te maken met Bowspring en/of je Bowspring beoefening te verdiepen.

programma workshop weekend 24-26 november 2017

VRIJDAG 24 NOVEMBER 19.00u – 21.00u
#1 – Butterfly Effect (Introduction & Practice) 

If a butterfly flaps its wings in China can it create a tornado two weeks later in Texas?  The Butterfly Effect states that seemingly small events can create large effects.  This introductory session will outline the importance of optimally incorporating the Bowspring principles.  Antecedent conditions developed through traditional postures can alter the efficacy and progress of your Bowspring practice long-term.

ZATERDAG 25 NOVEMBER 10.00u – 12.00u
#2 – Potential Energy (Practice) 

Potential Energy is the energy possessed by a body by virtue of its position, rather than its motion.  This session uses Bowspring to align the body in shapes that maximize potential energy.  Feel the charge, electricity and potency of each posture in a full Bowspring class.

ZATERDAG 25 NOVEMBER 14.00u – 16.00u
#3 – Risk of Spill (Handstand Workshop)

In order to maximize performance & profit, a hydroelectric dam must be operated in a way that keeps the reservoir level high without overtopping.  However, the higher the reservoir, the greater the risk of spill.  Mastering handstands requires the same engineering mindset.  In order to profit, you must go to the edge of your comfort zone.  This session will focus on aspects of handstand: strengthening, entry and exit strategies, variations, and provide guidance to empower your own progress into the future.

ZONDAG 26 NOVEMBER 10.00u – 12.00u
#4 – Phase Changes (Practice) 

Water uniquely occurs on the Earth’s surface in all three phases: solid (ice), liquid (water) and gas (water vapour).  Increasing temperature melts ice into water and then evaporates to water vapour. Reduce temperature and the process reverses.  This full experience Bowspring practice will rapidly flow through various phase changes: standing, upside down, supine, prone, etc.  Expect equal parts perspiration and inspiration.

ZONDAG 26 NOVEMBER 14.00u – 16.00u
#5 – The Flood (Bowstorative)

Rivers naturally flood.  When their banks can no longer support the fast flowing current, the water overtops and the energy disperses over greater areas.  Often associated with disaster, floods also provide nutrients to fertile agricultural lands.  In the final Bowspring session, embrace a slower, less effortful practice to nourish and restore the body.  Bowspring + Restorative = Bowstorative.

Hoe je mee kunt doen!

Je kunt kiezen om alle workshops (5 x) te volgen:

Of je kiest per workshop wat je mee wilt doen:


Vermeld bij aanmelding welke workshops je wilt bijwonen of dat je het hele weekend wilt deelnemen.